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GTA Forte by Biotics Research
GTA-Forte provides nutritional support for healthy endocrine function. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GTA-FORTE Each capsule supplies: Zinc (as zinc gluconate) 10 mg Selenium (from vegetable culture) 26 mcg Copper...
Iodizyme-HP Iodine by Biotics Research
Biotics Research Iodizyme-HP - 120 Tablets Biotics Research Iodizyme-HP the use of oral iodine/iodide can aid in circumventing this issue. As a result of decreased iodine status, due to the typical Western...
Magnascent Nascent Iodine
MagNascent iodine is formed when the iodine molecule is broken down to produce magnetically charged atoms of this essential element. This is iodine in the nascent state, but in a unique form which is consumable...
Se-Zyme Forte by Biotics Research Selenium 100t
Se-Zyme Forte supplies selenium as a whole food, phytochemically bound vegetable culture. Selenium is an essential trace element possessing antioxidant properties, and is key to the production of glutathione...
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