Rejuvenation Hydrogen Water Tablets 4 ppm H2
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Rejuvenation Hydrogen Water Tablets 4 ppm H2 Summary

Rejuvenation Hydrogen Water Tablets 4 ppm H2

Rejuvenation is a carefully blended formula for optimum creation of hydrogen rich water. The Rejuvenation hydrogen tablet formula is without competition. No alternatives come close in terms of saturation of hydrogen or efficiency of reaction.

We deliver an end solution that allows for maximal benefit and hydrogen concentration in water without causing bottles to break, or the need to buy a machine worth thousands of dollars that produces a fraction of the hydrogen. The brainchild of a lifetime health and fitness enthusiast and the careful honing of a PhD combinatorial chemist, HRWs Rejuvenation is targeted for anyone and everyone. Learn how you too can benefit from hydrogen rich water, and utilize this novel product to maximize your current personal health and wellness routine!

Hydrogen Water Tablet Features

Contains magnesium. May be a necessary co-factor for optimal health.
A single tablet can produce a 4 ppm super-saturated hydrogen solution. (This is 100% - 400% greater than any other hydrogen-generating supplement, and 600% - 800% more than expensive water ionizers.)
Extremely SAFE. There are NO toxic by-products from the conversion of radicals to water.
H2 Water tastes smooth and light.

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